Additive Free Kids provides reliable, researched facts and

guidance to additive free living for your family.

The information in my programs are the product of years of research and examination of the harmful additives in our food.

Propelled by the unexplained symptoms in my first son, I used my skills as an auditor and professional to navigate the maze of hidden harm.

By eliminating food additives, my family is now free from asthma, hyperactivity, skin ailments, gastrointestinal upsets,

sleep disturbances, headaches and migraines.


I will help your family through this journey.


My family benefited greatly from the changes I made with our food.

Your family can too.

I wish that one person, one doctor, a medical specialist, someone,

all those years ago had suggested to me that I should simply consider what we were eating.

What a difference that idea would have made to our lives.



I am here to be that person for you, to be your advocate.


I am so passionate about removing the harmful food additives in our food.

I know that I need to help people, to teach them, to understand, and ultimately to vote with their dollar.

Through Additive Free Kids, I will be your advocate and an advocate for your children’s health.

Together, we will educate the next generation.


What are the benefits of being additive free?





  • Increased quality of life
  • Less strain on family relationships
  • Less emotional and physical stress from ailments
  • Less sickness and absenteeism for kids and parents
  • Calmer kids, calmer parents, calmer household
  • Kids exhibit better performance at school, better ability to concentrate and learn
  • Increased health and vitality


I know the change feels daunting and overwhelming


  • It is daunting to know that manufacturers continually change their labelling just as you start to understand what they are doing!
  • It is very confusing in the supermarket making choices amongst so many options and making a healthier choice for your family.
  • It is time consuming to read each and every label to try and decipher what is really in your food
  • Shopping guides are only useful for a limited period of time as they continually need to be updated


With knowledge, comes change


  • As a busy working Mum, I am enthusiastic about making it as easy as possible for families to make the switch
  • Additive free eating shouldn’t be another issue for women and mums to feel guilty about
  • With the support of Additive Free Kids families can make the change sustainably
  • We encourage making small changes, taking baby steps, doing what you can, armed with the support, advice and information we can provide you with.


How can I help you?


I will mentor you through your journey, every step of the way.

I will review all your favourite and typical meals along with the staples of your pantry and provide additive free alternatives that are personalised for your family.

You will benefit from my years of experience as a professional auditor (similar to a financial detective) and now a career interpreter of food labels, mother of five boys (yes, FIVE boys!) and the initiator of my additive free family for seven years.

I will teach you all you need to know about additives and the common pitfalls of cunning labelling and marketing. You will feel confident that you are making the healthiest choices for your family.

Where I had to do all my own research, reading everything I could get my hands on, checking out websites, studying the real ingredients on packaging and becoming an expert of food labels, you’ll get all my tips and tricks to transition to additive free living. You’ll never want to turn back.  I’ve done all the research for you and will guide you along the way.

I would love to learn more about Additive Free mentoring!

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What do our clients have to say?


“My daughter was having trouble at school she was finding it hard to sit still and listen. She was also having trouble at home going to sleep at bedtime. My husband and I decided a diet change would be the first thing to try. We did a Google search and decided to start by taking all of the additives out of her diet. When I started to investigate what additives were bad I found the task ahead very daunting. Thankfully after an internet search I came across Additive Free Kids and messaged them via Facebook for some help. I was so pleased with the help as it made my task less daunting and I felt more confident. We successfully removed most additives from our daughter’s diet. After a couple of weeks we saw a massive improvement, our daughter was able to go to bed and go straight to sleep which was brilliant. She is now achieving well at school and being praised and getting lots of rewards. This has been a complete turnaround in comparison to last year and I am looking forward to hearing about the difference at parents evening. Now I know what I know about additives and the effects on health and behaviour I want to tell everyone about it as I believe all children should have additives taken out of their food.
Nic Hancock
Mother of 2
We found that changing to additive free initially was tough for the first week but then it gets HEAPS easier, we are getting quicker and quicker! It really is a matter of different choices for the same food. After moving to Additive Free, we can positively now say we are seeing a difference. The school reports that were done recently do not resemble the child with the same name! Our little miss is participating in class, comprehending, responsive – gee whiz the list goes on! Of course she is till delayed, that may not change with diet, but what has changed is her willingness and ability to learn! We have been amazed at how well the girls have adapted to the change. I never thought I would be the one to say it…but what our kids eat REALLY does make a difference! I am finding myself shouting out to the world how good it is to be additive free! Francine was instrumental to kick starting our Additive Free journey! I loved the suggestions that Francine provided our journey. They were easy and things I could work with and implement straight away. This consultation has changed our eating habits, our health and our children’s behaviour. Thank you for your help, it’s very much appreciated! Many, many and more thanks to you!
Trish Jones
Mother of 2
I began this journey not knowing what I may find, not knowing what to do or where to go as I refuse to believe that medication and labels for children are the answer. Francine and I were into my cupboard, fridge and freezer looking at all the things that are in our house. I was totally amazed at what additives were in our everyday food. Francine’s depth of knowledge is amazing and she gave me the tools to figure out the mumbo jumbo on the labelling as well! There are great alternatives we have found to even our most favourite items. Francine is helpful and very generous with her knowledge and passion for smart, healthy foods. Thanks a million!”
Katherine Riley
Mother of 4 and passionate foodie
My journey to being additive free started a few months ago when I felt I had literally exhausted every other possible option. I was running out of options and didn’t know what to do until I happened to talk to Francine. She started me thinking that it might be what he’s putting into his body that is causing some of the problems. At first the task of taking additives out of our diet seemed overwhelming having 3 adult children living at home who weren’t on board made it hard. Francine was so wonderful and patient with my never ending questions about every food item I picked up. I have learned how to really cook again and all the kids are enjoying the variety and treats I am making and even my adult children have slowly come around, my fussiest son even having seconds sometimes! The most obvious difference everyone in the house can see is how his behaviour changes dramatically after a weekend of a “food free for all”. Thank you doesn’t express the extent of my gratitude for Francine’s help in this journey. I would highly recommend to anyone having trouble with their children’s behaviour to look at diet first, I wish I had.
Fiona Bolin
Mother of 4
Throughout this journey I have been amazed at the nasty ingredients hidden in what I always thought was relatively ‘healthy’ food. I never realized how many hidden ingredients were in certain foods and the negative effect it has had on my children’s health and behaviour. After going additive free, I cant imagine ever going back to consuming additives again, especially after seeing a significant change in my daughters skin and my sons behaviour. I had no idea how much it was affecting my children until we cut them out. With your help and personalised pantry guide it has made shopping a lot easier in an industry that can be very confusing for parents. The food alternatives you have suggested has allowed me to still give my children the foods they love but without the added additives. Thank you Francine for all your help. I will highly recommend you to all!
Colomba Iantelli
Mother of 2

Our community members lives have changed by

switching to Additive Free!


My youngest has had a sensitive stomach from when solids began (even high fructose was an issue eg apple) and through breastfeeding I was also required to do a strict elimination diet. We've still got a way to go but made really good progress and she is already a happier little lady. I really look forward to the tips and info via this Facebook page to help. Knowledge is power!
Lisa Pope
Living additive free has made our children so much 'calmer' and completely rid of these strange red/flaky patches on my sons skin! We're 12 months in and loving looking back!
Jo Beck
Mother of 2
We have a son who has many quirky behaviours plus another son that a doctor suspects has asthma. I can only imagine how much worse their behaviour and symptoms would be if we were still eating additives.
Bianca Hensman
Mother of 3
I have 4 children 9,8, 4 and 3. I have always thought I fed my kids healthy food and have never had any issues. But my youngest proved to be my handful. He never slept, never pooed, always had a belly ache and was so irritated and wound up all the time. He would sleep walk and have night terrors, meltdowns and tantrums and fight and hit his siblings. Doctors told me he was just a naughty kid and then tried to tell me he had ADD. I had tried diets of no sugar, no gluten and no dairy but I never looked into additives and preservatives. I got some wonderful advice from some mums and I was directed to Additive Free Kids. We went additive free around 8 weeks ago. I now have a different child! They told me had ADD and wanted to put him on medication. After 24 hours of changing his diet the change was AMAZING! After 4 weeks I have a brand new child, he sleeps 11 hours straight and it's a complete joy to be a Mum again. What I have learnt has been so amazing that it's been a complete life style change for our whole family. It's been amazing!
Amber Webster
Mother of 4

Come along and feel free to chat about living additive free, sharing tips and advice.

I will provide you the latest Additive Free Kids product reviews, tips and tricks and the latest additive free news.

Whether you are just starting out on the journey or have been there for many years, there is always something new to learn.

Would you like to see change in your

school or community group?


  • Additives are not considered as part of the National Healthy School Canteen guidelines
  • Research consistently shows that healthy students are better learners.
  • Many categories of additives linked to symptoms of aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity and learning difficulties, we believe these harmful food additives should be removed from all school canteens.
  • Organise Additive Free Kids to conduct a review of your canteen menu options.

Community Groups

  • Would you love to spread the additive free message to people in your community?
  • Is your school, daycare centre, playgroup or community group looking to raise extra funds?
  • Are you tired of using fundraising programs that require selling chocolates or other items that encourage an unhealthy lifestyle?
  • We can help you organise a simple but educational fundraiser that can help families learn about toxins and nutrition.
  • Most of the work is done for you!  All you need to do is promote and collect the money for your group.

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With knowledge, comes change