Work with Additive Free Kids

Have you been considering going additive free for sometime?

Are you starting to realise that all the money you’ve spent on different therapies and treatments might be better used on simply feeding your children better food?

Or perhaps you’re a manufacturer that’s on board – you’ve got a brilliant product that would fit perfectly in our marketplace.

At Additive Free Kids, we are an Australian owned and run business, that would love to work with you.

My passion and mission is to work with families to reduce the overwhelm when going additive free.

Moving to additive free living can bring back calm, joy, and peace to families. I know it’s possible; and I’ve experienced first-hand how hard life can be when you are struggling with:
  • asthma
  • hyperactivity
  • behavioural problems
  • sleeping issues
Each one of these issues has the potential to disrupt the whole family, create stress and weaken family bonds.

I successfully moved to additive free living with my 5 boys back in 2008.

I’ve spent years researching, testing with trial and error, learning labeling and marketing tricks used by manufacturers.  I know how time poor we are – we need easy options in a busy life. Which is why sometimes families think they will struggle going additive free.

I want you to be able to have more quality time spent with your family, happy fun times, not make you feel overwhelmed with a tonne of stuff you need to research yourself!

I do this by mentoring families, step by step, every family achieving amazing results.
If you want to restore peace, calm and joy back to your family, but you aren’t sure where to get started, request a complimentary additive free planning session.  I’d love to get your started on the right track.

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How Can I Help?


Additive Free Kids

Sign up to join the Additive Free Kids Community and have one online place you can connect with others living an additive free life

We share tips, advice, recipes, and a safe forum to ask questions

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’ve got years of additive free living under your belt – there’s always something new to learn


Additive Free

Going additive free just got a lot simpler with a one stop shop for all your favourite products (and some you may not even know about yet!)

Any product on the Additive Free Marketplace means they’ve passed our rigorous process to ensure they are free from harmful food additives and are the best possible quality for your family



Besides the free access to all the information given to my subscribers and in my community, you can get tailored mentoring for your family

I will review all your favourite and typical meals along with the staples of your pantry and provide additive free alternatives that are personalised for your unique situation

I will teach you all you need to know about additives and the common pitfalls of cunning labelling and marketing. You will feel confident that you are making the healthiest choices for your family


Why work with AFK when going additive free?

  • It is daunting to know that manufacturers continually change their labelling just as you’ve grasped what’s in a specific product
  • It is very confusing in the supermarket making choices amongst so many options and making a healthier choice for your family
  • It is time consuming to read each and every label to try and decipher what is really in your food
  • Shopping guides are only useful for a limited period of time as they continually need to be updated

We can get you started with a 30 minute complimentary additive free planning session

Are you a trusted Additive Free brand or manufacturer?

Do you have a great Additive Free Product?

For boutique brands who manufacture with our best interests at heart, it can take a long time to build a loyal customer base. We bring the community to the brand

Community members can band together to reward brands who are transparent and creating healthy products

Additive Free Kids is the communities watchdog, advocating for the community to ensure they can access the products they need. The Additive Free Marketplace ensures the brands they want are easy to access – all which have been through the stringent screening process of Additive Free Kids

With knowledge comes Change

Where are you at on your additive free journey?