Moving to additive free living can bring back calm, joy and peace to families.

Asthma, hyperactivity, behavioural issues, sleeping issues can disrupt the whole family, create stress and weaken bonds.

I successfully moved to additive free with my 5 boys back in 2008. I’ve spent years research, testing with trial and error, learning labelling and marketing tricks used by manufacturers.

I know how time poor we are.  We need easy options in a busy life!

How we can work together…

I want to get Started on my Additive Free Journey

I want you to be able to have more quality time spent with your family, happy fun times, not make you feel overwhelmed with a tonne of stuff you need to research yourself.

Fast track your transition to additive free with our
6 week Pantry RESET program.  

I want my product  recognised as additive free

I love working with manufacturers that are passionate about great quality food, use real ingredients and want to put their customers health first

How can we work together


The Additive Free Kids endorsed logo helps companies stand out amongst competition and helps health conscious consumers easily identify additive free products. 

With knowledge comes change