Additives to avoid

As manufacturers compete for our shopping dollar we see a proliferation of additives entering our food supply. The amount of additives that we are consuming on a daily basis is frightening.

At this stage, there is insufficient scientific evidence to guarantee the long term safety of these additives.

Additives aren’t only in junk food. Additives are in everyday items that you think are healthy for your family.

Find out which  additives your family needs to avoid

Additives to avoid for Asthma 

Sulphites are a known trigger for asthmatics.

This common additive can cause an asthma attack or asthma symptoms in susceptible people.  Symptoms are often delayed and not immediately obvious after ingesting these additives. Sulphites are not the only additives that can affect asthmatics, download the guide to see which additives you should be avoiding for asthmatics.

Additives to avoid for Hyperactivity

Independent scientists from the Centre for Science in the Public Interest recommend that parents should try diet before medication for behavioural problems.

Parents are being recommended by their child’s class teachers to visit a paediatrician for their child’s behaviour in class at astonishing rates. Parents want to rule out other options before heading down a medicated path.  For symptoms such as hyperactivity, ADHD, behavioural problems removing additives can assist and is an easy option to try.  In a matter of a week or two you will be able to tell if additives are contributing to your child’s issues.

Additives to avoid for Sleep Issues

Sleep issues such as difficulty settling to sleep, frequent night waking, nightmares and insomnia can be due to additives.

These sleep issues are applicable for everyone, from babies to adults included.   Breastfed babies can experience restlessness and sleep disturbances due to additives in the Mum’s diet.

Additives to avoid for Tummy Issues

Tummy issues can include stomach aches, bloating, nausea, diarrhoea to name a few.

Often symptoms can be delayed and can make it difficult identifying additives as the culprit.  Trialling additive free living for a couple of weeks will be able to assist you in identifying if additive are the culprit of your child’s tummy issues.

With knowledge comes change