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I know exactly what you’re going through.

You want happy relationships between everyone in your family. You worry about your children not being able to make or keep friendships at school, or that they seem to be constantly in trouble with teachers.

You see that your child’s behavioural or physical issues are seriously impacting their well-being. Maybe you’ve been struggling along trying to find individual solutions to individual problems – asthma, insomnia, bet wetting, stomach pains.

You’re starting to realise that the countless hours and dollars you’ve spent on different forms of treatment haven’t addressed a root cause.

You feel alone, unsupported, and overwhelmed.


I began the AFK community

so that you can have one place you can visit online and feel welcome to chat about living an additive free life.

We share tips, advice, provide a place to ask questions and make connections.

No matter if you are just starting out on the journey, or have questions about what life will look like, or even if you’ve been living an additive free life for some years, there’s always something new to learn.


Stop feeling unsupported and overwhelmed and get support delivered straight to your inbox.

The purpose behind the Additive Free Kids email list is to have a safe place to connect, to be able to access information in one central place, to gain support.

So no other parent has to feel guilt ridden, worried, out of their depth, or without a reassuring place to visit.

Welcome to the Community



Living additive free has made our children so much ‘calmer’ and completely rid of these strange red/flaky patches on my son’s skin! We’re 12 months in and loving it…no looking back!

Jo Beck
Mother of 2


We have a son who has many quirky behaviours plus another son that a doctor suspects has asthma. I can only imagine how much worse their behaviour and symptoms would be if we were still eating additives.

Bianca Hensman
Mother of 3



We have been additive free for a little while now, we love it and won’t go back.  We do have slip ups every now and again (we’re not perfect) and then we see the effects it has on our kids and it brings it all back to home why we started on the additive free lifestyle.

Lisa Pope
Mother of 3


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