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Frankie your consumer protection advocate researches, rates and reviews on your behalf.  Rankings are based on the extent to which products contain:


Real food


Ultra processed ingredients



Frankie gives each product an AFK score based on:

Real ingredients

Real ingredients are those that are whole foods that haven’t been processed or very minimally.  Think seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts.  Minimally processed foods are those that have only had inedible parts removed, have been dried, crushed, ground, roasted, boiled, pasteurised etc. 

Ultra processed ingredients

These ingredients are usually derived from foods and additives.  Very little real ingredients are left intact. These ingredients can be extracts, derived from further processing such as hydrogenation, hydrolisation etc.  


These include colours, preservatives, antioxidants and stabilisers, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, non sugar sweeteners, firming agents, bulking agents, anti caking agents, glazing agents and humectants. 

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Advocates  have to say:

What I love about the Membership is the Product Reviews – allows for more informed choice when shopping especially where things may be hidden or disguised that i hadn’t known about and then the discussions in the FB Group around recipes to share on that product.


Additive Free Advocate

I absolutely love the product reviews – it’s like we are working towards our very own Frankie-endorsed pantry. And it’s awesome to be able to vote on what will be the next product to be reviewed.


Additive Free Advocate

Oh it’s so hard to choose my favourite feature of Additive Free Advocates. I’ve so many favourites but if I’m forced to choose one it would be the product reviews as its always an eye opener and so much useful knowledge to gain from it. I love that all the hard work has been done for us so we can easily support the Manufactures who care about our health over profit.


Additive Free Advocate

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands does Frankie review?

Frankie reviews the products voted on and submitted by the Additive Free Advocates.  This ensures there is a wide range of products for wherever you are at on your additive free journey.  Frankie is happy to review any brand submitted by an Additive Free Advocate.

How does Frankie pick products to review?

The Additive Free Advocates are polled monthly to see which product category they would like reviewed next.  Frankie’s priority is to review products that are used by the Additive Free Advocates.  Usually this is a great representation of products you’ll see on supermarket shelves. 

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