It is with great excitement and joy that I can finally announce our wonderful news!

Francine and I have spent the past couple of weeks feeling like we may actually burst!

As of today I am officially stepping down as the director and healthy lifestyle consultant of Additive Free Kids and am thrilled to be handing over the reins to such a passionate, knowledgeable and caring person.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all of our supporters over the past few years. I have been so incredibly blessed to be able to enjoy sharing our journey and this important message with you. I have absolutely loved connecting with you while we all learnt new things about our health, happiness and wellbeing.

Since my family and I began our home school journey at the beginning of last year I have felt like I have not been able to give Additive Free Kids enough of my attention and have continued to feel guilty about that for quite some time. So I know in my heart that it is time for me to focus on my children and our new adventure. This is why I am so excited to be passing the baton to friend and long-time supporter of Additive Free Kids, Francine Bell.

Francine Bell new owner of Additive Free Kids.

Francine is a mother of five – all boys! – who made the transition to additive-free eating for her young family six years ago.

Francine had to do it the hard way. This was 2008, before Additive Free Kids was around, so she did her own research– reading everything she could get her hands on (Julie Eady’s Additive Alert was her bible), checking out websites, studying ingredients on packaging and becoming something of an expert on food labelling.

The hard yards paid off – her eldest son, who had been the motivation for her mission, was once again a beautiful, even tempered child who no longer needed his asthma medication when additives were removed from his diet.

Francine is passionate about the positive impact additive free eating can have on children – from behavioural change to health benefits.

But as a busy working Mum, Francine is equally passionate about making it as easy as possible for families to make the switch.  Additive free eating shouldn’t be another issue for women and mums to feel guilty about. She believes that making small changes, taking baby steps, doing what you can – but armed with the support, advice and information Additive Free Kids can provide – is the best way to make the change and make it sustainable.

So – Additive Free Kids will continue to be the trusted source of reliable facts and guides to living additive free that it has always been. But it will be a new, re-energised organisation, focused on providing practical support and demonstrating how easy it can be to live additive free.

As for the bigger picture, Francine’s dream is for a world where ‘Additive free kids grow up to raise additive free families’. Taking the reins at Additive Free Kids, and helping improve the lives of families by educating and motivating them to look for additive free foods, is the first step towards realising that dream.

Please join me in wishing Francine all the support and success in the world and make her welcome!