Always turn the pack over!

I recently got caught out again. Yes it does happen to me. Unfortunately this was beyond my control.

Before placing my order, I checked the ingredients on the distributor’s website. I also double checked the Zebra Dream website. I am a bit thorough like that when it comes to my ingredients!
I was surprised to see that the packaging had changed.

This is always a good indicator to check the back of the packet!

It is a great time for manufacturer’s to update their ingredients list.
The next thing that shocked me was to see the length of the ingredients list. I knew that the old version didn’t have that many ingredients!
I happened to have some of the old Zebra Dream packaging in my freezer. I pulled them out and compared them side by side. Yep, I was definitely right, the old one had much less.

What was also interesting was that the order of the ingredients had changed too.

For those that may not be aware, ingredients are always listed in descending order. Meaning that the first ingredient will represent the largest proportion of the product. Before, we saw that the old version contained 75% coconut milk. This is no longer stated.
We also see that Water is very high up on the list and guar gum. In the old version this guar gum was last on the list.

Now whilst these changes may be fine for some, they are still additives.

These gums may be safe for most people.
Yet sensitive people need to be aware that they can cause:

– nausea,
– abdominal cramps or
– diarrhoea.

I prefer to avoid them. It is a signal to me that the products are being bulked up to cut down on costs.

Especially the case when the gums appear so high in the order of ingredients.

As always, I recommend that you vote with your dollar for the change you want to see.