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When your family is in crisis, you miss all the joy that a harmonious house can bring. Finding and eliminating the hidden dangers lurking in your pantry is the fastest path to a healthy and calm family.

The Additive Free Kids Blog aims to provide you with product reviews, tips and advice from our extensive research, and the latest Additive Free news.

As a busy, working Mum, my plan is to make it as easy as possible for you to make the switch to additive free – and ensuring it’s not just one more thing for you to feel guilty about when it comes to parenting.

Take baby steps, do what you can, arm yourself with information and knowledge, and know you have my full support.

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About Me

My passion and mission is to work with families to reduce the overwhelm when going additive free. Moving to additive free living can bring back peace, calm and joy to families. I know it's possible and I've experienced it first hand with my 5 boys.

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